Aernos Reel 3000 S FB

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Shimano’s Aernos FB spin reels are certainly a cut above their predecessors. The compact XGT7 body (a Shimano exclusive material that is 200 per cent stronger than ordinary graphite) has delivered a substantial weight saving, which is complemented by the compact body design. There are five reels in the range — a 1000FB, a 2500FB, a 3000FB, a 4000FB, and an extra compact 5000FB.

DC die-cast gearing, stainless steel shielded bearings and a machined aluminium handle combine to make winding, even under load, as feather-light as possible. Varispeed II delivers neat and uniform line lay, while the cold-forged AR-C Spool and its special lip design permits greater casting distances as well as preventing wind knots and backlashes from forming. Additionally, each Aernos FB comes with a spare spool, so it’s possible to carry another line breaking strain with you, or one filled with mono if that suits a particular fishing situation better.

Series Aernos
Family Type Spinning
Size options 5
Key Feature X-Ship
Bearings 5+1
Warranty 10 Year
Drag Range 3-7 Drag Power range (kg)
Retrieve Per Crank Range 64-81 Retrieve range (cm)


ARNS1000FB Aernos FB 5.0:1 5+1 3 1/247 2/270 200.0
ARNS2500FB Aernos FB 5.0:1 5+1 5 3/183 6/180 250.0
ARNS3000SFB Aernos FB 5.0:1 5+1 5 3/210 6/200 250.0
ARNS4000FB Aernos FB 5.2:1 5+1 7 4/219 8/240 320.0
ARNSC5000FB Aernos FB Compact 5.2:1 5+1 7 5/219 315.0 10/240